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Umbria is known as the "Green Heart of Italy", with numerous medieval cities scattered throughout lush rolling hills. This territory has a huge cultural heritage, with outstanding museums and artwork in Perugia, Orvieto, Todi, Assisi, Foligno, and Montefalco, and specialty wine and ceramic museums in Torgiano and Deruta. Umbria is home to some of the most beautiful Renassaince art, including the Giotto frescoes in Assisi, the Gozzoli frescoes in Montefalco, the Perugino frescoes in Perugia, and the Signorelli frescoes in Orvieto.

Umbria is composed of rolling hills of forest, wheat fields, sunflower fields, vineyards, and olive groves. The region is famous for its traditional and simple cuisine, built around sausages, cheese, vegetables, and truffles. Most of Umbria's cooking and commerce is influenced by the production of truffles. The region's climate favours the cultivation of grape vines, allowing for the production of world-famous wines from Orvieto, Torgiano, and Montefalco.

Todi is one of the most beautiful medieval hilltowns in Umbria. It is an interesting city, characterized by narrow and winding streets, in a wonderful position on a hill overlooking the Tiber river valley. Famous for Roman and Etruscan ruins, and for its palaces and churches, Todi preserves visible signs from the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance. Todi’s medieval walls were erected in 1244 and are still largely intact, with towers and three gateways: Porta Romana, Porta Amerina or Fratta, and Porta Perugina. Don’t miss the cathedrals: the Duomo, San Fortunato, and Santa Maria della Consolazione.


Our village is a 13th century borgo (village),  with about a dozen families in residence. Some of the families are farmers (with olive groves and vineyards), some have businesses (for example, there is an iron forger in the village), and some reside in Rome but have a house or flat in the village for holidays.

The taller section of Casa Luminosa was probably first a watchtower, and is medieval in age. The section of the house that includes the dining room and the north bedroom was added 100-200 years ago. Before the recent restoration, Casa Luminosa was used as the rectory (residence) of the adjoining church. The church is medieval, but has been restored over time, and is used on Sundays and for the occasional wedding and funeral.


At the Centro Sportivo Polivalente of San Terenziano (4 km from Frontignano), you can play soccer, tennis, skating, bocce, etc. The Center has a restaurant that serves pizza cooked in an open fire oven, and local specialties. On the weekends, and all during the summer, there is a dance hall with the best bands of the area.

Fitness Center: at Albachiara, Grutti
Horseback riding: The Equestrian Center in Grutti offers horseback riding.
Flying: San Terenziano has a flight school that offers scenic flights.
Waterskiing and windsurfing: Lake Trasimeno
Golf: Perugia, Panicale, Città di Castello, and San Gemini.
Canyoning, Spelunking (Todi, Monte Cucco),
Waterfalls (Marmore, by Terni)
Petrified Forest of Dunarobba
Movie Theater: Cinema Jacopone in Todi


Umbria hosts many events during the year, such as the Umbria Jazz Festival, the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, and the Eurochocolate festival in Perugia.